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TOYS and My Dungeon

What we do is NOT all about toys, but they sure are fun! I recently completed a room in my house now known as The Dungeon. Here are some new pictures of it. Just below are a few of my collection. Below that are instructions for building a few things. Have fun!

My Braiding Projects

This one has half leather and half rubber falls. The black rubber blends in sneakily!

My new double flogger, since I gave the last pair away.

A commission piece for a gift from slave to Master.

A quirt, a bit heavier than most, but not quite like the Monster Quirt!

A pair of double ended floggers in brown and red. Now owned by new friends from Leatherwoods.

Red and blue, with a triscele concho in the handle pomels. Also a custom set as a gift to friends.

Purple braided cat, a custom job for a friend.

A fully braided cat o' nine tails. Traded to another crafter for a swivel flogger.

A red dragon's tongue, gifted to a friend

Monster Quirt, a project that just kept on growing. Donated to the Leatherwoods Charity Auction.

Matched pair of floggers from lovely oil tanned leather. Part of a custom consignment.

My first attempt at whip making, from paracord.

Braided cat from black vegetable tanned split cow, ending in turk's knots and 2" tails. A gift for a friend.

A matching pair of suede floggers, now residing in Texas.

Braided cat from heavy brown suede, 8 tails 19" long, ending in turk's knots and 7" falls.

Dragon's Tongue from black leather with braided handle.

Braided cat, 6 tails from a D ring attached to the handle with an extension of the handle braiding. The tails are 17", ending in turk's knots with 3" falls.

Braided half-cat, 4 tails from a D ring, braided for 7" then knotted leaving 10" falls. Given to a Domme who fell in love with it.

Black quirts, the left braided from thin commercial lacing over a twisted leather core, very flexible and whip-like. The right is braided from black latigo, much heavier and with a twisted rawhide core making it more stiff.

A quirt braided from heavy purple suede over twisted rawhide, finished with a soft gray-brown suede.

My Dungeon

My throne, surrounded by lots of fun stuff!

A closer view of a few vintage items hanging on the wall above my throne.

My new Queening Throne.

We designed it specifically for the chain frame in my dungeon.

My new horse.

I love the versatility of the chains, being able to place sub and accessories at any level or angle.

The far wall, with my canes and some paddles, and one end of the chain frame in the foreground.

The chain bondage frame, directly in front of my throne. It's a very versatile area, for being a very small space.

The flogger rack on the closet door next to the chain frame. I'm afraid I need another one.

Baskets of leather stuff.

Assorted Toys

Leather restraints are a staple for any kinksters

Ms Serpent, by Bunnyflogger, is like a singletail tripled

Singletail whips, a 6 ft stock whip and a 4 ft signal whip

My first leather floggers, made for me by a good friend

Some of my own creations, knotted rope and oxygen tubing

More of my own creations, knotted rope and beaded chain

A set of canes, handles and case by Bunnyflogger

A selection of clamps

My pride, a damascus steel blade that hides in a lovely and unique medallion

2 of my custom blades

Just for fun, a dragon sword

Detail of the hilt and scabbard

My other sword, an antique of unknown provenance

Medical toys, clamps and needle

CBT toys, rings, mini flogger and paddle, and urethral sounds

My TENS unit

A Shrew's Fiddle, modeled after those used in puritan New England

My spanking bench, custom built for me by a friend and former sub

The same spanking bench, configured as a bondage chair

And as a bondage table


Vampire Gloves


Gloves, Rhinestone Settings, Needle-nose pliers

Note: rhinestone settings are small metal rings with teeth designed to be inserted over rhinestones into fabric and bent down to hold the rhinestones in place. Snap rings of the type that press together can be substituted. Either can be found in sewing stores, craft stores, or EBay. EBay is a good source for leather gloves, as well. Cloth gloves will work fine, but face it, we love leather!

  Use the needle-nose pliers to insert toothy rings into position in the fingertips. Be sure to try on the gloves and see exactly where the teeth will have the most contact with the intended flesh!
Work the teeth through the leather from inside. Be sure to work the leather all the way down the teeth. Try to avoid bending the teeth under the leather, but you'll probably have to start over with one now and then.
  Bend down two teeth to hold ring in place
  Continue to add toothy rings until palm and finger surfaces are covered to your preference.

Find somebody to caress!

Note: These gloves WILL break skin if used hard enough, but normal hand pressure and light spanking will not cause problems, or even leave marks beyond very light scratch marks.


Drumming Bundles


Long bamboo cooking skewers, Heat shrink tubing 3/4 inch, 5 minute epoxy, Spray paint, Spray acrylic, String or leather thong if wanted. You will also need a piece of thread, a small container such as a medicine cup to mix epoxy in and a toothpick to apply it, and a heat source such as a candle, lighter, or heat gun. Some alcohol wipes are handy for removing excess epoxy.

Note: heat shrink tubing is available in most hardware stores, in the electrical section. It is also available in many sizes and colors on EBay, and is handy for lots of projects.

First, I count out 30 skewers. Bamboo tends to splinter easily, so a couple of layers of spray paint and a couple layers of acrylic will make them much more user friendly. Stick the pointed ends into an upside down egg crate, or box, or simply some dirt to hold them for painting.
When the paint is dry, pick out two skewers and use thread to tie on a piece of leather thong or whatever you wish to use for a hanging loop, if desired. The thread is not structural, it's just to hold it in place while you glue. Note: Don't use anything thicker than standard leather thong, it will take up too much space for the shrink tubing to fit.

Now it's time to glue. Epoxy comes in two compartments. You must mix approximately equal amounts for it to set correctly. Once you mix the epoxy, you will have about 5 minutes to get everything together. Put the blunt end of the skewer with the thong into a piece of shrink tube. Put 2 or 3 other skewers in with it. Use a toothpick to mix the epoxy and apply it to the skewers about an inch down from the points, for about an inch on each skewer, being sure to coat the thong. Add more skewers and smear epoxy on them. Continue to add skewers until you have 15 with glue on them. Hold them in a tight bundle with the thong skewer towards the center of the group and press the ends against a flat surface to keep the group even.

Note: Epoxy is available in a variety of set times. If you wish, use 10 or 15 minute epoxy to give more time.

Now, slide the heat shrink tubing up the bundle of skewers until the end just covers the pointed tips and all the glue is inside the tubing. Use an alcohol wipe to remove any excess epoxy. Your epoxy is probably mostly set by now.
  Use a heat source, such as a lighter, candle, or for you crafting pros a heat gun, and carefully heat the shrink tubing. It will tighten around the skewers, becoming a smooth tight handle. The top end will draw in somewhat around the points, but will not fully close.
If you wish, you can seal the end with more epoxy, but I find I make more of a mess than it's worth. Remember the idea is to make a pair of these, so repeat the steps with the other 15 skewers you painted.
  Lay a handy sub down, turn on some good music, and have fun!


Beaded Chain Flogger

Supplies: Beaded chain (available at most hardware stores), wire, 5 or 10 minute epoxy, metal paste epoxy, a length of metal tubing for the handle (I bought a cheap aluminum porch-style flag pole and cut it into handy lengths using a hacksaw), an eyebolt with stem just shorter than the handle,   gloves.

You will also need a wire cutter, something to mix epoxy in and spread it with. I use a medicine cup and toothpicks or popsicle sticks.

First, cut the beaded chain to about an inch longer than you want for your falls. I recommend shorter falls, around 16 inches, and maybe 12 falls. Thread the nut onto the end of the eyebolt and up about a half inch. Bind one end of the chains together around the end of the eyebolt with the wire just above the nut.
Gather the beaded chain falls and drop them through the center of your handle until the eyebolt is seated at the top of the handle. Trim the ends of the chain falls to the same length.

Now it's time to glue. Epoxy comes in two parts. You must mix approximately equal amounts for it to set correctly.The  ends can be sealed with either the metal paste epoxy or 5 minute epoxy, depending on how you want it to look or which you prefer working with.  Use a toothpick to work epoxy up into the handle around the chain first. Try to be sure to seal the area entirely, especially if you wish to weight the handle.

  Most people like a weighted handle. There are a number of ways to do this. I use either sand or BBs. I've also used nails, gravel, whatever is available. If you wish to weight the handle, you will need to fill it from the eyebolt end after the epoxy has hardened around the chain end. For this project I would use BBs, as it is difficult to seal around the chain well enough to prevent sand from sifting out.
 Seal the top of the handle, centering the eyebolt in the epoxy. Make the seal here as smooth as you can, but any rough spots can be sanded out after the epoxy dries.
  Have fun, but be aware that this is a brutal toy and can do a great deal of damage. Use with great care and a delicate touch. Since this has a metal handle, it is not intended for use in electrical play.
These directions can be easily modified to make floggers from oxygen tubing or knotted rope, or even boot-laces. They make a nice looking matched set.